Welding and bending


We offer manual TIG and MIG / MAG welding (in a gas shield) of both alloy (stainless) and non-alloy (carbon) steel as well as aluminum.

We do welding of:

  • steel constructions
  • parts of machines and devices
  • pressure and non-pressure tanks
  • other metal elements


1. Bending is performed on digital controlled press brakes.

2. Our modern machines are equipped with advanced CNC control functions and automatic deflection compensation, which allows high accuracy processing in 7 axes and precise bending of sheets along the entire working length and applying adjustments in case of any change of parameters of bent materials.

3. Sunapple guarantees the highest quality components in any number of copies and in 100% repeatability

4. the extensive experience of our operators allows us to offer a wide range of sheet bending services

5. Technological scope of metal sheet bending:

  • maximum length of the bent element: 4200 mm
  • maximum pressure force: 170 tons


1. Rolling of metal sheets is performed on rolling mills.

2. Specification of rolled materials:

  • thickness of rolled metal sheet: 1 - 3 mm
  • width of rolled metal sheet: max. 1500 mm
  • length of the rolled element: max. 3000 mm

 We guarantee affordable prices and short service deadlines !!